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I’ve done a lot of homework and personally used the site to create this review. The intention was to provide you with the most authentic review based on my observation of the service. Reflecting upon my experience with the site, I can confidently say that I’m totally contented. The site deserves to be your top choice in every aspect – whether it’s price, policies, or professionalism.

About – The Work, Process, Clients, and More

So the big question is – what is Same Day Essay? Let me introduce you to the website first, so that you can learn about its services and expertise. It’s an essay help site that started in 2010. All these years, the company has worked very professionally to satisfy its customers. The site has a very good percentage of customer satisfaction.

Many customers find this site among the top suggested links when they search for academic help online. But one question in the mind of every client is – samedayessay is it reliable? To bring the best answer to you, I have conducted a lot of research. My observation of the reviews and the quality of work I ordered at the website myself leads me to declare a good service.

97% of projects are completed on time. I’ve read the reviews and have learned that rarely, an order’s deadline is missed and the reason is mostly late uploading of instructions by the clients. So you just ensure that you provide complete requirements with all related files and login details for the relevant course information websites, and rest assured that your order will be passed to you on time.

In addition to these factors, there are many other reasons for the high samedayessay rating, some of them being its user-friendly rules and highly cooperative writers. The customers of this site are students. The company offers all kinds of writing services. If customers want revision on the work, they always get it. Reviews from past clients suggest that orders are revised to customers’ satisfaction.

Is samedayessay reliable? Yes, it’s totally dependable. You can trust the site for urgent orders. Even if you want the work to be completed in just 3 hours, you can rely on this site. They don’t accept orders if they know it’s not possible to do them. You may check with the administrators if you want the order to be completed in less than 3 hours. It’ll get very urgent, but if the administrators think it’s possible to do it after having a look at your instructions, you may place the order with an even shorter deadline.

It’s not just a site but is a fully developed company. Separate departments have their individual duties and responsibilities. For example, the administration section works all the time to foster communication between clients and writers. Authors pay attention to all instructions of customers to ensure that the right work is submitted on time. The quality assurance team reviews the work of the writers, so every writer puts in the best effort, and that’s what makes Same Day Essay safe.

Design of the Website Is Simple and Navigable

The company has an outstanding design that makes it convenient for a visitor to access all information instantly. There are separate sections for information about the company, the process involved, terms and conditions, and other details. The website has a predominantly blue and white theme, which looks very cool.

You can see information about samedayessay writers. Many students want to learn about them because the writers do the work. You see the ordering details at the top of the page. The fields of the type of writing project, deadline, and a number of pages have been purposefully placed at the page’s top so that the visitors who are in a hurry can instantly access the order form.

A visitor can access interesting and relevant facts on the home page. For example, you can find out that 87000+ students have trusted Same Day Essay writing services for academic help before you. The home page displays brief profiles of some of the top writers of the service. You can see their subjects of expertise, the number of completed orders by each one of them, and the number of reviews they got.

The website says that it has writers with expertise in more than 20 fields. That’s a wide range covering all major academic subjects. You can read on the home page that the company has writers educated to different levels for each subject. For instance, there are 5 Ph.D. writers and 18 authors with a Masters’ degree for the matter of Biology.

The home page provides a look into the qualities and guarantees offered by the company. You can even read some Same Day Essay reviews. In the end, the terms and conditions are mentioned. The font and style used for the text at the home page make it easily readable.

Different Kinds of Services

One reason why this site gets so much traffic from students is the variety of services it offers. Different students need different academic services. At one time, a student may require help with an essay while at another time, the same student may need guidance to complete a research project.

One question you might still have is – is legit? Probably you’re thinking this because of the speculation that the site submits students’ work in their schools on their behalf – that’s not the case. The site mentions in its terms and conditions that the help is supposed to be used as guidance. A student should approach this website just like a key-book or a guide-book that has answers to difficult questions.

Customers find it convenient to order all these different kinds of papers from the same website. They try it out once and get the best service. So they know where to go the next time they need help. This site offers assistance with everything ranging from research papers to dissertations, resume writing, essays, and more. You place an order here, get your model paper, and learn from it. So it’s logical to consider Same Day Essay legit.

A Two-Step Approach to Order Placement

The site has made it easy for the students to place orders – there’s nothing hard in the process of order placement. The only thing a student should be ready with as he/she visits the site is instructions. The actual process doesn’t even take five minutes to complete.

Does work conveniently? Yes, it sure does. You can estimate it from the fact that there’s even no registration process involved. A customer just has to provide his/her name and contact details while providing instructions, and the same details are used to create his/her automatic account. The client gets its login and features in the inbox.

Instructions are shared in the order form. I’ve read many reviews praising the simplicity of this form. You can easily find it by clicking a link on the home page. Just enter your type of work, deadline, and number of pages, and you’re taken to the order form that has defined fields for all other details.

Most of the instructions’ fields come with drop-down menus. You don’t even have to type much – simply select the desired options from the drop-down menus, and you’re all set to place the order. Yes, there’s a specific field for the detailed order instructions.

While checking out, you can use the samedayessay discount code. As a new customer, everyone gets a discount of 10% to 15%. Enter the code while making payment so that percentage can reduce the total sum. So practically, the whole process constitutes just the first two steps, and the third one is about what you should do after placing the order – they are:

  • Filling out all fields of the order form.
  • Processing the order’s fee using Visa, American Express, or MasterCard.
  • Replying the writer’s messages, if any.

You Find the Best Writers at

One thing that I have observed in every other samedayessay review is the admiration for writers. This makes me believe that this site has some of the best writers you can find anywhere. You can have a quick view of the profiles of some of the writers on the home page. The website displays their pictures, areas of expertise, and a number of completed orders.

The site has recruited writers from more than 20 areas of education, which is a fairly vast range. Of course, when you need academic help, you consult a website hoping to get assistance from an expert. The website follows the same ideology and believes in assigning orders to writers from their required fields. So if your essay is about literature, it will be assigned to someone with a Masters or Ph.D. degree in literature.

I saw in one samedayessay review that the customer had shared the ID of her writer, so the review was essentially suggesting other clients to get the essay written from him. But it’s not just that writer who produces quality work – actually the work process and rules of the company are such that every author writes at the same professional level.

Qualities that Make the Best Service in the US

You should choose it because you get the most satisfying customer service. Let me tell you why I found this service contenting. I placed an order here. It was a 7-page long essay on the topic of animal rights. I allowed the writer just 3 hours for the essay. I knew it was difficult to write 7 good pages at the college academic level, but the writer:

  • Submitted the essay to me in 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Had done the best job.
  • Revised the order in 10 minutes when I asked him to include two more academic references.

Get Rid of Your Worries About Plagiarism at This Site

I’ve not read even one review for that complained about plagiarism. Obviously, all the customers are satisfied. In fact, the reviews were suggestive of the originality and quality of work – so there’s no need to worry that the paper will have plagiarism in it.

This site has a solid policy against plagiarism. Writers are made aware of the fact that if they plagiarize, they’ll get fines, warning, and even termination. Every reference included from an external source in the paper is properly referenced in the style you require.

Customers trust samedayessay services because they have a proper mechanism for paper checking. The quality assurance department reads every paper uploaded by a writer. First, the staff goes through the instructions of the client. Then, they read the paper to confirm that all requirements are met. After that, the paper is processed through a software that checks it for plagiarism.

The staff also checks the essay manually by searching for the phrases used in it on the search engine. Once you get the paper, that only happens because the originality of the work has been verified. So place your order here with confidence.

The Communication and Customer Service Deserves a 10/10

I was impressed with the Same Day Essay support system even before I placed my order there. When I decided to use the service, I wasn’t aware that I qualified for a discount. I opened the live chat and enquired about the order placement process. The administrator not only guided me with the process but actually offered to fill out the form for me herself. It was like the kind of professional service you get at a bank. There are forms, but if you go to the customer services agent, he/she fills it out for you.

The administrator told me that since it was my first time using the service, I’d get a 15% discount. I wouldn’t know that had she not told me. The administrators deal with clients very politely and professionally. You’ll commonly observe appreciation of the administrators’ good mannerism in every other Same Day Essay review.

They have the contact information of clients as well as writers. So if you want an urgent response to your message from the writer, just talk to the administrators, and they’ll get you the response in little time. The support stays available 24/7.

You Get an Excellent Revision Policy at This Service

I read two samedayessay reviews that discussed the matter of revision. One of the clients wanted the writer to change the writing style from MLA to APA, whereas the other one wanted a title page to be added to the assignment. Both of them got their revisions done in a matter of a few minutes.

The website offers you 14 days from the first deadline of the order to ask for revision. This period is 30 days if your order’s page-count exceeds 20. All revision within these periods is done for free.

The Site Provides You with Full Confidentiality

Is Same Day Essay trustworthy? – I don’t want my information to be shared with anyone. Well- don’t worry about that at all. The website ensures you complete privacy. In fact, they guarantee you that all information you provide will only be used to facilitate you and to complete your work on time. It’s against the rules for the company’s staff to use a client’s information for any other purpose.

As I have used this service myself, I didn’t experience any problem of leakage of information. The website has lived up to its commitment to the grant of 100% confidentiality. The only correspondence I’ve had with the company ever since I used it was with regards to promotional schemes and discounts so that I could take further academic help at reduced rates.

I’ve read over 140 samedayessay reviews but didn’t find any complaints about lack of confidentiality from anyone — the website posts the clients’ testimonials on its website with their initials. But if you don’t want your name to be mentioned there either, you can ask the administrators to remove your testimonial or your name from it, and your request will be entertained accordingly.

Here’s the Much Wanted Prices Review

One of the main aspects of an academic service that most clients want to learn about is its prices. Customers want to know how the rates compare with those offered by other companies. So let me tell you that I have done a lot of research to come up with this samedayessay prices review.

I visited several other academic help sites and checked their rates. I learned that a range of factors controls an order’s price. They include the type of work, deadline, number of pages, and academic level to which the work has to be completed. The tougher the assignment, the higher the price. But in general, the prices charged by this company are among the lowest in the industry.

Furthermore, customers get Same Day Essay discounts that reduce the prices further. Not only you get a discount while ordering here for the first time, but also you keep getting emails with discount offers from time to time. The website understands that being students, its clients have limited funds. So it wants to make the service affordable for them. This is also a sign of this company’s professionalism and regard for the customers. Gets Positive Testimonials All the Time

My homework on this website couldn’t be done without having a good look at the testimonials of past customers. That’s why I read more than 140 reviews in total. Definitely, I read all testimonials that were on the website itself, but I didn’t keep myself limited to them. I also found several testimonials on different academic help review sites online.

All reviews on the site are genuine. The website not only shows you the comments of the customers, but also shares their names, the time at which they got their orders done, and the place they belong to. The customers of this site are from different countries. Even when you leave the feedback on the site after getting your order, you can see it displayed on the website’s home page.

I observed that customers were satisfied with the service for various reasons, including timely delivery of projects, excellent help from the support staff, and lots of discounts and bonuses. Every customer keeps getting offers for a samedayessay coupon. Since they need help from time to time, such coupons provide them with a way to get cheap help.

The Company Offers You an Attractive Bonus System

For one, you get discounts from the company to lower the prices. But the website doesn’t stop at that. To make the service even cheaper for you, they give you bonuses. The system of bonuses is so good that a customer gets it with every order. The first time you get their help, you get a discount as well as a bonus in the form of 10% of the order’s price. It is reserved in your online credit balance at the website.

The next time you order, 5% of the payment is added to this credit balance. After the first order, you get a 5% balance with every single order. I came across a review in which the customer was able to make complete payment of the order just by using the credit balance. She had been accumulating her balance money over several orders and was finally able to pay for one using that credit.

You also get a bonus through the loyalty program. If your referral’s order is worth at least $50, you’ll get $50 in your account as well. If the order’s price is lesser than that, you get a bonus worth half of that price. Isn’t that great!

Secure and Transparent Payment Methods

It’s certainly not scam because every method of payment offered by this service is trusted by millions of people all over the world every single day. The channels of payment include Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard. All of these payment methods are transparent.

Occasionally, a customer may not have all the money with him/her as he/she places the order. This can particularly happen if the order is big and costs more. In such cases, you can contact the administrators and request them to allow you to pay in installments. Considering the different instructions and circumstances of a customer, the company may agree to take the payment in episodes. However, if you do that, please ensure that you don’t delay making the payments so that all episodes are delivered on time.

I’ve not found any reviews on samedayessay talking about issues with payment. When I had to pay for my order, I used my MasterCard. I was instantly notified when the payment was processed. I got a receipt as well. While reading the customers’ reviews, I also found four to five such reviews in which the clients had admired the company for the transparency of its payment channels.

The Refund Policy is Customer-Friendly

The company understands that rarely, a customer may want a refund. Therefore, it has designed very fair rules for refund as well. The period for refund starts immediately after the completion of your order – meaning the first deadline. It continues up to 14 days to 30 days depending upon the size of your order. If your order carries up to or less than 20 pages, the period for refund is 14 days. If the number of pages is more, it’s 30 days.

I’ve personally not found any Same Day Essay reviews that discussed refund issues. Nevertheless, if you have comments on the order, you may ask for a revision. But if you can’t allow any time for revision, you may place a request for the refund. The quality assurance department will check the order. If they determine that you deserve a refund, you’ll get it.

You may also get a refund if the company cancels your order halfway through the deadline. In such a case, you can either get a 30% refund in your account or 100% storage of the order’s price in your online account with the company. You can pay for your next order using that money.

Get the Best Paper from the Service Yourself

I have covered all the important points that customers are concerned about while using a new academic help site. As you can observe, the company has really satisfied me at all levels, so you can safely deem Same Day Essay reliable. So if you’re having any kind of problem with your homework, and require instant help, there’s no point waiting. Simply go to the website and place your order there.

Students from all academic levels safely depend on it for academic assistance. They just have to provide instructions and pay for the order. The professional staff at the company takes care of everything. As a result of the collective effort of the writer, administrators, and other staff members, the customer gets the paper on time. You can always take assistance from the administrators by using the live chat feature.

It’s time for you to trust this website as thousands of students have done before you. They got perfect work from the website and so will you. Don’t forget to leave your review after you’ve used the service. Other students will benefit from your experience and get immediate professional assistance as well. Also Offers Promo Codes to Reduce the Costs

If you have been suggested the service by your friends or people you know, you might have heard about Same Day Essay coupon codes. Yes, it sounds a little too good to be true, but this company actually facilitates its clients in every possible way. Therefore, if you’ve been a client of this site before, you can get such codes any time.

I also never believed in promo codes until I got one myself. After I had used this service, it was around the new year time, and most institutions in different parts of the world were closed because of vacations. One day, as I was going through my emails, I suddenly got a new email from this site.

The company had wished me a good Christmas and new year. Alongside that, there was a card in my inbox. When I opened that, it congratulated me for having got the promo code. Many clients want it because such codes come with substantial discount percentages. You may get a Same Day Essay promo code during holidays or even during the start or end of your term. So place your order and get your discount. Use Same Day Essay now.