Essay Company Review 2019- Everything You Need to Know

Finding an essay writing service that you can rely on is one of the greatest experiences in college. It means that you can finally approach assignments with a positive mind. It also means that you can perform other activities without stressing over school work. You can attend parties and go on trips with your friends. However, finding a good company is hard. Even if you find companies claiming how they are the best, how do you prove that their services will be as they describe? If you have come across and you are asking is Essay Company legit? In this review, I will give you reasons why you should trust the organization. I will describe my experience with their writers, pricing, confidentiality, guarantees, and customer service.

About Does Deliver What They Promise? is an assignment writing service for students in high school all the way to graduate school. The organization writes essays for students in all these levels because it has experts who can write papers of various complexities. Therefore, if you were asking, is a good service? Yes, the company is one of the best in the industry. I have used them several times in the past, and I am glad to inform you that I have never been disappointed.

The organization can tackle papers in various subjects. They can deliver essays in information technology, chemistry, social work, literature, music, art, and international languages. The company is not limited to these subjects. They provide services in over 40 subjects that you can find on their website. I once came across a friend who asked me is legit? She was stuck with a biology paper and having been disappointed by other organizations in the past; she was skeptical if they would handle the subject. I assured her, and after she received the paper, she called to inform me how happy she was with the essay. Being a management student, I had tested their ability to deliver papers in various fields. I hired them to do my accounting, marketing, operations management, and principles of management papers. They delivered quality essays on all these subjects.

Why is essay-company reliable? Is there any other reason you should believe them? Yes, you should trust the company because they offer guarantees. Unlike a few other organizations that give guarantees they cannot fulfill, fulfills their promises. One of the guarantees I appreciate is that of writing papers from scratch. The company has many writers who have to research each essay afresh. They do not recycle essays that they have delivered in the past, and they do not tolerate experts who cannot adhere to this policy. With such assurance, it has always been easy for me to sleep comfortably because I always know that I will receive a unique essay in every assignment. The company’s quality assurance division is in charge of ensuring that they fulfill this promise. It is no lie that I was worried the first few times. However, after getting consistent results severally, my worries disappeared. has been in operation since 2010. This means that they have over six years helping students to write essays and graduate from college. These years of experience have enabled the company to serve over sixty thousand students. The company understands the struggles that students experience when writing papers. For example, they know that most students face time limitation in college. Hence, the organization provides a turnaround of at least three hours for all papers. If you have a paper due in five hours, you just need to ask, and they will deliver. All the times I ordered essays from the company, I received them on time. The years of experience have also enabled the organization to understand the needs of international students. These learners face difficulties writing papers using good grammar. Therefore, the organization offers these students with tips on how to improve their grammar by offering professional tutoring services.

The Company Has a Simple Website Design

The essence of seeking essay writing help is to save you from too much work that you do not have time to do. Therefore, when you find a company, you want it to have a self-explanatory design. You do not want a site where you will face difficulty navigating from one section to the other. The good news is that Essay Company’s site fulfills this need. The website has a menu that helps you to move from the home page to the order page, about us and services. I love the fact that you can calculate prices before making an order. I appreciate this transparency because it enables me to determine the amount of money that I should have on my credit card before buying a paper.

They have also made it easy to contact customer service by developing a chat widget that shows you when they are online. You may not need to ask the customer service anything about the website because everything is clear. However, I usually use the chat to ask them about essay-company discount code. They are usually accommodating. I have seen sites where there is a chat button, but once you start a conversation, you find that no one is on the other end to answer your queries. However, with this company, everything that they have designed on the website performs the task it is supposed to do. The calculator and chat button are functional. The order now button also takes you directly to the form that you have to fill with instructions of your paper. The form is simple to fill. It needs only a few details, such as the length of your paper, the question, the deadline, and formatting style. If you have attachments, there is a section where you attach all the necessary files.

What are Some of the Services?

The organization offers a wide range of services. One of these is the writing of dissertations, which are a requirement for graduation. The company has experts who can write proposals and full dissertations in various subjects. I have a friend who ordered a thesis from the organization and received every chapter on time. The writer who was working on his paper was conversant with the structure of a thesis. The expert knew what was required in each chapter. If you are a loyal customer, they even give you Essay Company discounts. You can get discounts any time even when you are a new customer.

The organization also offers editing and proofreading services. If you decide to write a paper and hire them to do the finishing touches, they will do it immediately. The company has trained its writers to edit papers to get rid of grammar mistakes and formatting errors. If you thought about scam, this is proof that they are legit. Most of the scams you will find online convince you to pay them to write your essay from scratch so that they can charge you highly. They then flee with your hard-earned cash. If you have an experience with such a service, you need to start hiring a better organization.

How to Place Order on Essay Company Website

The process of placing an order on the company’s website is easy and fast. You have to undertake the following steps to buy a paper from the site:

  • Step 1 visit the company’s website

You should open to start the process of buying an essay. Search the address above and within a few seconds; you should be on the company’s home page.

  • Ste 2 fill the order form

The second thing is to click the order now button that will direct you to the ordering page. Here, the company will present you with a form that you have to fill with all the details about your paper. You need to be careful to input all details correctly so that the company can deliver. If you provide exact instructions, you will not cry that fraud. The company will deliver what you ask them to write.

  • Step 3 log in to your account and download the final paper

The company’s writers will deliver your essay on the agreed deadline or earlier. Therefore, you should check your account regularly to see if they have uploaded the completed essay. I have always received my papers on time. Timely delivery has helped me to read papers before delivering them to the professor. Has Writers with Degrees from the Best Universities

Essay-company writers have the best qualities you would want in a writer. As I have been using this organization for a while now, I have realized that all their writers have higher education qualifications. The experts have degrees from the United States. They are also native speakers from these countries. Therefore, when you buy a paper, you don’t need to worry about simple grammar mistakes. The native writers can avoid these errors.

The Essay Company writing also has over 1500 writers. The experts deal with various subjects. One thousand five hundred writers working on over 40 subjects indicates that the organization has enough writers to work on essays in each field. Therefore, even if you and your friends order essays from the company, they will deliver a unique paper for each one of you. Different writers who are all qualified will work on your essays, and they will all deliver high-quality work.

I appreciate the fact that you can communicate with your writer directly. Once you log in to the website, you can see the writer ID of the expert who is writing your essay. You can ask the expert for a progress report, or you can give more details if they are necessary.

Making Changes into a Completed Work 100

One of the reasons I am writing this review is because I used to ask, what is Essay Company policy about revision? Fortunately, the organization offers free revisions for all papers. As soon as you get your final paper and need changes made, they will do it for free. This policy considers the fact that students operate on limited finances. Does work if I change instructions? The answer is yes. They allow you to change instructions. However, they encourage customers to do so before the writer completes the essay. You can also change the instructions you provide on the order form if you find that you provided the wrong ones. You can do this when you log in to the website. Plagiarism Free Policy

I am writing this essay-company review mainly because all the papers they have done for me were 100% unique. When you are hiring a company to write your assignments, you should prioritize an essay writing firm that will deliver plagiarism free papers. Before looking at an Essay Company promo code, you should find out whether they guarantee original papers every time. guarantees you unique papers in all subjects. The organization has a policy that does not tolerate writers who cannot deliver original essays. Because of this, the organization attracts only experts who can fulfill this condition.

As a result, when ordering a paper from the company, you do not have to be worried about the kind of essay they will deliver. You can relax and attend to your other duties as you wait for the final paper. The reason you should be as comfortable is that the organization uses plagiarism software to check for originality of all essays. The company only delivers to you essays that have passed the plagiarism checker successfully. If you want, you can ask for a plagiarism report to confirm that your essay has fulfilled the originality policy of academic writing.

The Company Offers 24-hour Communication and Customer Service

One thing I love about the modern world is that individuals can work at any time of the day. You can choose to work during the day or at night. As a student, I can choose to study or write assignments at night as opposed to the day time when everyone else is doing it. Therefore, I expect essay writing companies to respond to my needs any time even if I decide to order a paper in the middle of the night. support team are always online. One night I needed to ask about promo codes at 2 am, and they gave me a response immediately.

Even if you read other reviews on essay-company, I am sure you will find positive comments about customer service. The customer support department is also knowledgeable about everything the company does. I once sought help from a company whose support members did not know about the guarantees they offered. The individual had to call a senior member to answer my questions, and it took me almost an hour. However, with, I am always sure that I will get help within minutes of making an inquiry. Shows All Testimonials from Previous Customers

When I decide to use an organization’s services online, I always expect to see comments from previous customers. Such feedback helps me in making the final decision whether to buy from the organization. While some companies do not display such information, testimonials are transparent. If you look at the website, you will find all kinds of feedback from previous customers that the organization has served. They do not hide the responses with criticism because they believe this is a motivation to rectify their errors.

Essay-company rating is high based on reviews from past clients. Most of the customers express their gratitude with the services the company offered. Some customers argue how the company helped them to submit papers that were almost late. Others indicate that the quality of essays they received was exceptional. As for me, I was able to improve my grades in the subjects that I did not like. The company’s writers helped me overcome the fear of exams. Through their help, I was able to tackle most of the questions in exams using concepts that the writers had used in my essays.

The Company Offers Confidentiality Guarantee

I always value the privacy of my personal information. Hence, I cannot use services that do not assure me that they will protect my information. I used to be among those who ask is Essay Company reliable? I searched online for at least one review for to find if they were confidential. I found one review that helped and then read through the company’s policies. I found that they guarantee 100% confidentiality.

The organization uses HTTPs technology that secures your data from being known by hackers online. Malicious individuals cannot be able to penetrate through HTTPs to steal information because it offers the highest form of security. The company also states that when you place an order, even the writer working on your essay does not know your name, email address, or mobile number. You communicate with the writer through special IDs. The security measure ensures that your personal information cannot be compromised even from within the company. It is also hard for anyone to tell whether you ordered an essay from the company. The files you receive do not have a history to track back the papers to the organization. Therefore, if you are asking is Essay Company trustworthy, there is no doubt about the trustworthiness of the company. Prices Review – Are They Affordable?

No matter what level of education you are in, you always want to buy essays from affordable sites online. You do not want to buy a paper from an organization that charges too low and then delivers poor quality. And you also do not want to pay very high prices for essays and then be left struggling to afford a meal for the rest of the semester. I like the fact that you can conduct essay-company prices review on their website on the prices page. The company’s prices are affordable to an average student.

The prices of essays depend on length and complexity. If you are ordering a 20 pages report, you will pay a higher price than someone else who orders a five pages critical review. The prices also vary with the deadline. If you have a paper that is due in 30 days, it’s the cost will be different from that of another essay that you should submit within 10 hours. If you read more essay-company reviews, you will find that this is one of the reasons most customers use the site. They are assured that they will pay an affordable price and receive the quality that is worth the cost. Offers Promo Code Regularly

It always feels great when you pay a lower than normal price for a product or service. When you are a student, this feels better because it helps you to save some bucks for meals, accommodation, books, and entertainment. When I first visited the website, I was wondering if there are Essay Company coupon codes. Instead of wasting my time wondering about it, I contacted the customer support through the chat button. Luckily, I found that they offer discounts to new customers. I completed the ordering process using the essay-company coupon and ended up paying a lower price for the essay. I was excited about this discovery and immediately informed all my friends. Most of them ordered papers from the site, and we all enjoyed the discounts. The organization also offers regular discounts for existing customers. I always keep checking on the site to find out when they launch a promotion so that I can take advantage and order many papers. It has always worked for me, and I believe it will also work for you. Another technique I use to find out when they have a discount is reading the company’s emails. They reveal when there is an ongoing promotion.

The Company Uses Secure Payment Methods

When paying for services online, you want an assurance that your bank details will remain safe. Therefore, you only choose to deal with companies that use payment methods. When you seek essay-company services, you have the freedom to determine the payment platform to use. The organization allows you to select between Visa and Mastercard. These are established companies that guarantee the security of your information. Through this platform, the company does not get to know my account number, credit card number, or account balance.

If you check online, you will realize that these three payment methods are the most trusted. Companies that do not aim at fulfilling their promises do not use these methods because of the money-back policy. Therefore, the fact that uses widely recognized payment methods shows that they have established themselves in the market. It also means that when you pay for a paper, they will deliver what they promise to avoid a bad image. Has a Fair Refund Policy

If you decide to cancel a paper, you should contact Essay Company support team. They will start a process for you to get back your money. There is one time I canceled a paper because the professor said there was no need to continue with it. They refunded my money within a few days. When we were given the right instructions for the essay, I used the funds they refunded to pay for a new essay. I was pleased with their honesty and reassurance during the whole process. After this experience, I have never doubted any of the company’s policies.

Does the refund policy make the Essay Company safe? Yes, it does. If you take time to read the Essay Company reviews online, you will notice that there is hardly any complaint about refunds. Most of the reviews I have read about the organization state that their honesty is exemplary. If you do not want to deal with a company that will take your rounds when you cancel a paper because of changes in instructions, then you should select The benefit is that the organization does not penalize you anything for canceling a paper. To avoid stressing writers with cancellations, they advise that you confirm instructions as soon as possible.

Place Your Order to Check the Quality of Essays

After reading this and other reviews, you need to try out their services. Start by chatting with the organization’s support team on the chat widget. It is on the far-right corner at the bottom of the site’s home page. Ask the customer service department anything you wish. For example, you can ask them whether they offer services on your subject. You can also confirm from them whether they have software for solving accounting, math, engineering, and problems in other subjects.

Once you are satisfied with the responses and advise that the support team offers, take the next big leap and purchase your first paper. Follow the four steps above on how to order. You may also browse through the website and read the section on ‘how it works.’ You will find this on the homepage as you scroll down. Pay using the method that you prefer. After this, you need to log in to your account to view the progress of your paper. You will find the details for logging in, in your email after completing the payment process. You have to save these details because you will need to use them regularly. If you are happy with the final results, you can give an Essay Company review through a testimonial for others to know about your experience.